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Chaga Bärbucha Kombucha

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Chaga Bärbucha belongs to our Special Line of Kombucha which is made without tea, so no Caffeine.

The reason number one is that it is commonly consumed like a tea. So, in Siberia, Lapland or Canada, where this Chaga (mushroom) is abundant enough, people who collect this mushroom, steep it with hot water & drink it as a hot tea.

The reason number two - it is absolutely delicious! Plus, because of the presence of tannins, beta glucans & polysaccharides, it sustains the natural growth of Scoby & you can make a Chaga Kombucha without using regular tea (Camellia sinensis).

The best Chaga is found on white birch trees in cold regions of Siberia, Alaska, northern Canada & Finland. But Chaga can be found in many other places, even here in Berlin. Here's one of many that we have found:

The only difference is that Chaga that grows in milder climates (like Berlin) is NOT as powerful, as the one found in regions where the temperatures drop to even - 60 degrees Celsius.

For Chaga to reach its full maturity takes 10, 20 or sometimes 30 years & during that time chaga forms a symbiotic relation with the host tree that it grows on.

During this time chaga pick up the life energy from the tree & growing in a very stressful environment (very low temperatures) it develops all the beneficial substances. So the quality of Chaga can very a lot. The best ones come from northern part of Siberia (ours) or Lapland in Finland. Because of those varied qualities, the price of the chaga can differ a lot.

As with our other Kombucha, we do not use any additional flavoring to make Chaga Bärbucha. We are also quite generous with the amount of Chaga that we use. So those two factors make our Chaga oh, so delicious. And also, oh so dark!

The concentrated flavor is a bit like a mixture of light molasses with hints of coffee, cherry, vanilla & wood. The vanilla flavor comes from naturally occurring vanillin, just like in vanilla bean. And what's more, it does not taste like any mushroom!

The process, how we make it requires more time than any other of our Kombucha.

We start with pieces of Chaga, which we break into small chunks, which we grind to almost a fine powder.

Next, we steep the Chaga powder for quite a few hours, making sure that the temperature stays below 65 C.

When that process is done & the "Chaga tea" cools down, we strain it.

Next, we add sugar to it. Next we add our Kombucha cultures & the starter liquid.

And then, the journey begins.

About a week later, when we take the cloth off our jars, this is what we see:

With some happy bubbles, telling us that all the conditions were perfect!

Next step is labeling & bottling or vice versa

When that's done, it is time for the so called second fermentation. That takes another week & the reason for it is to build us some carbonation. The 2F also further reduces the sugar level in the Kombucha. Carbonation is never as strong in our Chaga Kombucha, in comparison to our other Kombucha. But we can live with that! What matters is the great flavor that we always enjoy!

If you visit our Kombucha Café in Berlin, you'll be able to learn more about Chaga, while sipping on our Chaga Kombucha. We have 4 books about it in two different languages

Ingredients: Filtered & Revitalized Water, Live Kombucha Cultures, Unrefined Brown Sugar & Chaga

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