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Jiaogulan Bärbucha Kombucha

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Jiaogulan Kombucha is the next one in our Special Line Kombucha.

Jiaogulan is an herb from TMC. It has a bitter flavor which we love.

Jiaogulan has been enjoyed traditionally over thousands of years as a tea. And that is how we make it.

When you briefly steep Jiaogulan, it has a nice sweet flavor:

In order to extract more beneficial components out of it, we steep it for few hours. By doing that the flavor changes. The flavor goes from sweet to slightly bitter. But pleasant bitter.

So after steeping, we mix in our unrefined sugar, add one lucky Bärbucha Kombucha Scoby, with some starter liquid & from there the journey begins.

The fermentation of Jiaogulan is always quite active. More than any other Kombucha.

OK, maybe with the exception of Hemp. That indicates substances in the plant that activate the yeasts & put them into an overdrive. But surprisingly it does not become more alcoholic but the sugar gets eaten a lot faster. So it's another case of "munchies", just like in our Hemp Kombucha.

You can see that better on the pic above, where there's a lot more bubbles & they are bigger than in our other brews. But Scobies love it & despite the hyper-active fermentation, they try to cover the surface with the new growth.

After we take the Scoby out & after we strain it, then our Kombucha goes into retail bottles

And then it undergoes the 2F to build up the natural carbonation.

An extra bonus, when you visit our Kombucha Café in Berlin, you can read a wonderful book about Jiaogulan (in two languages), while actually sipping on Jiaogulan Kombucha.

Ingredients: Filtered & Revitalized Water, Live Kombucha Cultures, Unrefined Brown Sugar & Jiaogulan

To find out more about Jiaogulan, please click here: Jiaogulan

To buy our Jiaogulan Bärbucha Kombucha, please click here

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