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Chamomile-Rose Hip Bärbucha Kombucha

Aktualisiert: 22. Dez 2019

Chamomile-Rose Hip (Kamille-Hagebutte) was our first herbal Kombucha that we have created over two years ago. Back then the reason was was simple. We wanted to offer something healthy, without any Caffeine & with ingredients that are relatively well known.

And it was a love at first sight, or rather a first sip

The recipe is very simple. Besides a Kombucha Scoby, sugar & a starter liquid, it requires two very healthy ingredients. So a bit of these:

And a few of those:

Why those two, you would ask? First, they are delicious & they harmonize with one another. Second, they contribute to one's health when consumed as a tea. And a lot of things that can be consumed as a tea, can also be turned into a Kombucha.

Here are just some of the health benefits of Chamomile (1*)

And a bit about Rose Hips (2*)

Making our Kombucha is also quite easy. We start with Rose Hips in cold water

After steeping them for a bit

We add our Chamomile

When that mixture steeps for about half an hour, we strain it & we add our Organic unrefined brown sugar. when that cools down we pour that herbal mixture into our glass fermenter.

We use glass only for all of our Kombucha. After we add some starter liquid & one of our happy & vital Scobies, the whole thing looks like this:

So now the fun begins. When the first fermentation is finished, our Kombucha is ready. The Scoby has a new growth & there are plenty of white, natural bubbles.

All those are signs of a healthy fermentation:

At that point we remove the Scoby & bottle our Kombucha. Notice the nice, natural white bubbles. We don't add artificial CO2 to our Kombucha, so all bubbles are a result of natural fermentation:

Then our Chamomile-Rose Hips Kombucha undergoes a second fermentation (2F) right in the bottle. That requires a 24 hrs in room temperature & about a week in a refrigerator.

After that, it is ready to be enjoyed. So cheers!

Ingredients: Filtered & Revitalized Water, Live Kombucha Cultures, Unrefined Brown Sugar, Rose Hips & Chamomile Flowers


(1*) https://draxe.com/chamomile-benefits/

(2*) www.oxfordvitality.co.uk

Disclaimer: All medical information in this post is merely information & not advise. If you need medical advice, please consult your doctor or other appropriate medical professional.

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