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Exciting Changes for 2020!

Aktualisiert: Feb 13

New labels are in & what that means: new Bärbucha Kombucha is on the way!

We were waiting for those 19 labels to come in, so that we can do the change over before December is up.

So, what is changing? Our Classic Line, as seen on the first pic will lose Ginger Kombucha & also our Jun. Ginger will be gone for good. Jun will move to Premium Line & will be made will one single tea. Nothing else.

The reason why we are saying good bye to Ginger is simple. Back in 2015, we were the first & only ones that made it. Now, 4 years later, everyone & their mother makes it. We dare to be different!

Instead of those two, our Classic Line will pick up two single tea Kombucha.

Now, also our Premium & Special Lines will have full labels. The Special Line will lose Ivan Chai Kombucha. We'll run it while we have the tea & then it's a definite good bye.

The Premium Line will loose Guayusa. And, not that there's anything wrong with Guayusa (or Ivan Chai), we love both of them, but we want to concentrate on single tea Kombucha.

That's the reason why we expand our Premium Line with couple of new & exciting tea Kombucha. This particular line will have 9 varieties with teas ranging from white, through green, Oolong, black & Pu-Erh. And we are very excited about that.

In addition to those 3 lines, we will also feature specials out of single & unusual teas. Right now, we have four of them.

Another exciting news is our upcoming collaboration with a special place(s) that will carry some of our high end Kombucha! But that we will announce a bit later.

And finally, a change that was a bit overdue. We will not be BIO certified after Dec, 31st. This was something that did not bring anything for us, except for high costs on the yearly basis & a lot of wasted time with unnecessary paperwork. Why we decided to move away from BIO certification? That is something that requires a separate blog post.

All in short, we are happy & less constrained without it.

For now, we have a lot of work with changing things over. Like setting up bottles with new labels.

And setting up up Kombucha that will stay! Like this delicious Lapacho.

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