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Jasmine Bärbucha Kombucha

Aktualisiert: 24. Mai 2023

Jasmine tea ( 茉莉花茶 ) is one of the best known scented teas.

Jasmine Bärbucha Kombucha
Jasmine Bärbucha Kombucha

It usually stays in two categories: green tea - most widely used, and Oolong (a bit less known). There are also white Jasmine, and even black Jasmine teas. It is a tea that is "flavored", or scented with jasmine flowers.

Another differentiating point is the quality of the tea.

And that can range from a very cheap one, to very expensive versions, like the famous Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl tea.

Jasmin Bärbucha Kombucha Etikett

In cheap Jasmine teas, you will get a lot of pesticides. Not only from the tea, but also from the flowers.

Taking all those factors into consideration, we have opted for an Organic variety called Jasmine Mao Feng. Mao Feng means "downy or hairy tips" in Chinese, and it's a famous and a delicious tea from Fujian province.

Here's another shot of the tea. It even has some Jasmine flowers still in the tea.

Jasmine tea can also be a bit tricky to use. Some green teas can be quite bitter, if left a bit too long during the steeping process. To address this issue, we have decided to produce this Kombucha using a cold-brewing process.

So, this is our second cold-brewed Kombucha. The first one is Darjeeling in our Classic Line. Jasmine Kombucha belongs to our Premium Line.

Since we are cold-brewing this tea for our Kombucha, this extends the production time by extra couple of days. But it's well worth it.

Below is a pic from the starting point, when the tea meets our filtered and revitalized water.

All the tea is still on the surface of the water. The next pic below was taken a day later.

You can see the progress of "steeping".

And it's even darker on day two.

And here's the Jasmine tea at the time of straining.

Next, like with all of our Kombuchas, we add sugar, more water, and our healthy culture with some starter liquid. Here's how it looks like before the covering cloth goes on top.

Next, comes the fermentation process that takes about 7 days, and then our Jasmine Kombucha is almost ready.

As you can see, our Scobies love this Kombucha almost as much as we do.

In the background you can also see the whole battery of our brews, all covered with yellow cloth.

Next, comes the bottling.

Beautiful and natural bubbles are always a sign of a good fermentation.

Then, comes the second fermentation to develop even more natural carbonation.

More carbonation, but not to the point that it is excessive. There's a big difference.

Then some more conditioning, and finally our Jasmine Kombucha is ready.

Jasmin Bärbucha Kombucha zum Kaufen

Here's our Jasmine Kombucha on a nice and sunny day.

Lebendiger Jasmine Bärbucha Kombucha

Ingredients: Filtered and Revitalized Water, Live Kombucha Cultures, Unrefined Brown Sugar, and Jasmine Mao Feng Green Tea

To purchase / zum Kaufen klicke bitte unten.

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