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Other notable single-tea Bärbucha Kombucha specials (2023)

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Besides our staple Kombucha that we offer in three different lines (Classic, Premium and Special lines), we also offer a variety of specials that are only available at our Kombucha Café.

That means that on any given day we have 2-3 Kombucha specials.

Bärbucha's Specials 2023

Some of those specials are returning teas that I already wrote blog entries about. Some are returning seasonals, like Stinging Nettle. And the rest, new and exciting teas.

Since it would be a lot of blog posts to write (and to read), I will just highlight most of those specials by briefly describing the tea that each of those specials are made with.

And it will also be an ongoing post till the rest of this year.

The current Kombucha specials will be listed on top of this post (so just below this line).


December belongs to our Cardamom Kombucha. It is our staple for this month and we've been making it every year for the last 8 years.

Black Jungle was the second option for the whole month.


In November, three of our Kombucha specials were presented at the Berlin Tea Festival. All three were made with special teas from Deerland Tea.

Those three were also our specials for most of November.

From left to right: Black Oolong, Pau Tsiang and Yuzu Black.

Super yummy Taiwanese teas, and equally delicious Kombucha.


In October we are thrilled to see a return of high quality Tie Guan Yin Oolong form Anxi, in Fujian province and we also have a premium Chinese green tea with beautiful ling leaf tips, called Dong Bai.

Dong Bai has both the floral, as well as fruity notes. Those fruity notes remind us of some exotic fruits, including the passion fruit. Definitely worth trying.


September brings us Genmaicha (a much welcomed return) plus Black Dragon Kombucha, made with a premium black tea blend (our secret black tea mixture made with four different Chinese teas). Complex and delicious, perfect for all the black tea lovers.

And Se Chung Oolong. with both floral and slightly exotic notes. Made with unroasted (green) Chinese Oolong from Fujian Province.


August brought us two small batches of very limited teas that we had. The first one was called Bio-Dynamite, and it was an Oolong from 100 year old Arbor trees.

It was super delicious and it sold super fast.

The second one, which is almost gone is a green tea from Anhui, China called Unloved & Wild.

We tried both of them during our tea ceremonies, but those two were much more enjoyable in the form of Kombucha.

Although Black Oolong and Honeybush rule in July, we still have a little gem called Kukicha Hayashi Kombucha made with a high quality Japanese Kukicha tea with a full name of Mie Karigane Chumushi Kukicha Hayashi.

It's a s first harvest green tea and it makes a delicious and very refreshing light Kombucha, with some hints of wild strawberries.


Mid June and we are enjoying Green Dewdrop Kombucha.

It is made with a South Indian green tea from Nilgiri mountains.

It is a yummy and light Kombucha with a discernible fruity note similar to a mango. This Kombucha has been available for couple of weeks now.

The more limited special is made with a Dan Cong Oolong called Bai Ye, or traditional Bai Ye.

It is a White Leaf Oolong from Phoenix Mountains, China. This tea has incredible peach notes, and those come out quite strong in a Kombucha.


End of May and a recent excellent Kombucha is made with a high quality Japanese Kabusecha. Kabusecha is a partly shaded green tea.

It is Asano Kaori which translates into "Scent of the Morning". This Kabusecha goes for about 240 Euro/kg, but as a Kombucha it is well worth the price. It is also excellent as a tea..

It is fruity, light and very refreshing.


Beginning of May brought us these three yummies.

Golden Tips, Qing Xin and Dark Pearl Oolong Kombuchas.

Golden Tips Kombucha is made with high quality China Black Golden Tips Dongzhai Bio tea.

Dongzhai Tea gardens are located in Yunnan province in China.

This Kombucha is still available, along with Dark Pearl Oolong Kombucha.

Dark Pearl Oolong Kombucha is made with a roasted Oolong from Taiwan. As a tea, it has a caramel and dried fruit smell, with sweet tasting notes of vanilla, dried fruits and a hint of gooseberries. It makes a complex, tasty Kombucha. It will also make a come back, later in time.

Qing Xin Kombucha was made with a low mountain Taiwanese Oolong. It was very interesting, as it had strong fruity notes, with hints of tobacco and olives.

This Kombucha sold out already and is currently not available.


Two yummies: Green Pearl Kombucha, along with Red Phoenix Kombucha.

Green Pearl Kombucha was made with China Zhejiang Green Pearl Lu Zhen Zhu.

It is a high quality green tea that is picked in April. Only a bud and small young leaves are used, and during processing, they are pressed into a half-open pearl (see below, on the right).

This was an exceptionally tasty and refreshing Kombucha and it will definitely come back.

Red Phoenix Kombucha was made with a tea from famous Phoenix mountains in Guangdong province, in China. This tea has been produced using a combination of oolong and black tea techniques. It made a quite complex Kombucha.


One of the first ones was Morimoto Sencha Kombucha.

It was made with an excellent, partly-shaded Japanese green tea Sencha which is naturally very sweet. It is also pricey, but well worth it.

Honey Black Kombucha (in the very first picture) was made with an excellent black tea from Formosa. The name of this tea comes from light honey notes that can be found in this tea.

It was quite complex and really yummy.

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