November 30, 2018

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Let's talk about Kombucha!

March 1, 2018

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Hempbucha (Hanfbucha)

October 26, 2017

Next in line Bärbucha Kombucha Hempbucha!

             Photo (1*): How to Train Your Cannabis Plants for Better Yields and Potency


 A clarification first.

Hemp is a plant botanically known as Cannabis sativa. There are many different varieties of Cannabis & they include both, the commercial strains & strains or varieties that are of the immense medicinal value i.e. those that contain both cannabinoids - the CBD ones & the psychoactive THCs in higher percentages.


 The so called Marijuana (which is actually a Mexican slang term, which became very derogatory & that was created on purpose by very influential groups & institutions) which is nothing else but the same Cannabis sativa, contains those THC & CBD cannabinoids in significant amounts & also many medicinal terpenes and flavonoids. This particular plant has been used as medicine for hundreds of years, before being banned & labelled as a dangerous drug. (2*) - for below photo credit & more info check out this link

  Luckily, there has been a trend recently in many countries to reverse that decision, in recognition of the medicinal properties of this wonderful plant. Now what you do with it is a different matter. The same substances behave quite differently when juiced raw or when turned into pure Cannabis oil & quite differently when smoked.


 Here in Germany, as well as almost in the entire EU, legally we can only get the strains with THC below 0.2%. But what happens with such low THC amounts, the CBD also stays quite low.

So this is the best strain that we could find, that also stays within the legal requirements.

 And this is the reason for that:

 This one comes from Herbal Dispatch (3*)


Most of the available hemp comes in the form of dried, cut leaves. We are using coarsely cut leaves & flower buds, which are certified organic.

 As with the other Kombucha from our Premium line, we use only hemp (no tea) in the brewing process.


When the hemp gets steeped in filtered & revitalized water,


then it is strained & we mix in organic, unrefined brown sugar, Kombucha starter liquid & then we place one of our happy & lucky Scobies so that the fermentation of our Hempbucha can start. When her job is done, it looks like this:

 After that we strain the Kombucha & we bottle it. Then it still undergoes a slow second fermentation in the fridge. 


The fermentation changes the flavor of hemp, from being grassy (in the tea form), to having more pronounced THC terpine flavor (so characteristic for this plant). . So to make it sound simpler -  our Hempbucha tastes a bit like someone would smoke a joint in your presence, but in a nice way. And the reason for that is that fermentation changes the trace elements of THC in the acid form to that of when that compound is smoked.


Since we are the first brewery that offers Kombucha out of hemp in the continental Europe, make an effort & visit our Kombucha Cafe in Berlin - Café Bärbucha, because you won't find it anywhere else for now.


Suggested use:


Ingredients: Filtered & Revitalized Water, Live Kombucha Cultures, BIO Unrefined Brown Sugar, BIO Hemp Leaves & Flowers (with 4% CBD & 0.14 THC)







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