November 30, 2018

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Let's talk about Kombucha!

March 1, 2018

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Guayusa Bärbucha Kombucha

November 9, 2017

Our energy powerhouse - Guayusa Bärbucha is, like the name suggests made with the leaves of Guayusa plant (Ilex guayusa) which is a small tree that grows in the Ecuadorian rain forest, and whose leaves are rich in naturally-occurring caffeine. Guayusa contains less caffeine per cup than coffee, but more caffeine per cup than green tea or Yerba Mate. Guayusa possesses a mild flavor, and a pleasant aroma.

The flavor is similar to Yerba Mate, but with a more plush, fruity flavor and a complete lack of bitterness. Taste wise it is more similar to green tea, but the flavor is less bitter (tannic) and the texture is more creamy

Photo source: (1*)


 Guayusa is unusual because on the one hand, it contains caffeine, and so is useful in helping to maintain wakefulness. But on the other hand, it also contains an ample supply of L-theanine, an amino acid that imparts a feeling of pleasant tranquility. The combination of the two creates a light & smooth stimulation. So basically in Guayusa you have a stimulant without ragged edges.(2*)

Besides caffeine & L-theanine, Guayusa also contains a range of beneficial flavonoids, polyphenols & saponins and twice the antioxidant levels of green tea.


DrinkGuya lists this on their website (3*):

  • Caffeine: Stimulates the central nervous system, improves concentration and reduces sleepiness. Works positively on the brain e.g. by improving mood, alertness, reaction time and memory capability. In the brain it blocks the sleep-inducing neurotransmitter andenosine and consequently the cardiovascular stimulating neurotransmitters dopamine and noradrenaline are increased.


  • Theobromine: Produces a similar effect on the body as caffeine but is significantly milder, it is long-lasting and likewise mood lightening. It is related to caffeine  and has a stimulating effect


  • Theophylline: Known active substance against brochial asthema and other bronchial illnesses. It increases the performance of the heart and the blood circulation to the kidneys, and causes stimulation of the central nervous system, particularly in connection with the respiratory system.


  • L-Theanine: Studies show that alpha waves are stimulated and that these cause a type of relaxed alertness. Theanine and caffeine working together can lead to an improvement in the ability to learn and memorise, and also to a greater resistance to stress.


  • Antioxidants: e.g. catechin, which kills bacteria and can have a positive effect on viral infections and tooth decay. Antioxidants are known to protect pur body cells from damage and have a positive effect on blood insulin levels. Guayusa has double the amount of antioxidants of green tea and it is no surprise that a study found that it alleviates the symptoms of type 1 diabetes.


  • Essential amino acids: Guayusa contains all important essential amino acids.


  • Vitamins and minerals: Guayusa is full of vitamin C and D, and important minerals such as potassium, zinc, calcium, magnesium and chromium.

So in other words, our Guayusa Bärbucha Kombucha is a tasty energy stimulating Booch with benefits! And since Kombucha is already a drink that stimulates energy, this particular combination is a double whammy. Especially that after the fermentation its flavor is slightly reminiscent of peaches.


As usual we make this Premium Bärbucha Kombucha just with 100% Guayusa (so no tea), sourced from Ecuador & provided to us by DrinkGuya (4*), a Berlin start up company.

 And the dried Guayusa leaves look like this:

 So after we steep those leaves in filtered & revitalized water, we add some of this unrefined brown sugar, which is organic (BIO), and which comes all the way from Paraguay:

 And then we pick one of these beauties:

 A note: because of the higher caffeine content, they all want to dive in into the Guayusa brew, as it would make all of them very happy. But we select only one of these Scobies.


Then after the proper fermentation time we bottle our Guayusa Booch

 And then after about two more weeks of slow second fermentation, one can enjoy it just like that:

 Ingredients: Filtered & Revitalized Water, Live Kombucha Cultures, Unrefined Brown Sugar (BIO) & Guayusa






(3*) & (4*)


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