November 30, 2018

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Let's talk about Kombucha!

March 1, 2018

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Bärbucha Kombucha Classic

April 4, 2018

 After describing all of our special brews it is time to write a few words about our Classic line & our Bärbucha Kombucha Classic takes the spotlight in this blog entry.

 This so called "base" Kombucha is one of the simplest to make, but it can be one of the most difficult to "flavor". So many brewers fail this test & they usually depend on added ingredients to give this Kombucha some kind of identity.


We have solved this problem by creating a special mixture of four teas to get our very characteristic & very recognizable flavor. But the whole process took about a year to mature & to adjust. Luckily, we started experimenting with it long before we started our commercial production & we had this product ready for our official start in May, 2015. Unofficially, our friends enjoyed it already throughout most of 2014. 


The teas that go into this mixture are our trade secret. So we don't reveal which ones we use. But what we can tell is that two of them are green & they constitute about 75% of this mix & the other two are black.

 Together, all four of them, create a symphony of flavors & many people ask us after trying our Classic for the first time, if we add some fruit or some other flavoring agent to our Kombucha.

We don't. It is just the teas & the fact that we use unrefined Organic brown sugar. This sugar adds to the complexity of flavor in our Kombucha & through fermentation it adds caramelized notes to our booch. That creates the flavor similar to that of apple cider.

 It does not hurt that we use filtered & revitalized water for all our Kombucha & the fact that we always serve it in Champagne glass, elevates the quality of our brew even more.

 There was a study done on quality of bubbles in Champagne & the end conclusion was that bubbles differed, depending in what that Champagne was served in. The worst bubbles formed in plastic cups. And since all the bubbles in our Kombucha are natural (so NO artificial CO2 added), we want to create the ultimate conditions for enjoyment of our Kombucha.


Our Classic is also one of our most popular "flavors", so we make a lot of it...

 But not only we enjoy its flavor...

We always try to share it with those who never tried it...

 Since it is also one of our favorites, we take it with us wherever we go, be it the local park while we're enjoying few minutes in the sun

 Or when we travel, like to London...

 Or when we want to see beautiful sunrises in Italy...

 Or when we're hiking in Südtirol....

 It's with us when we make new friends...

 Or, when we sit in front of our Kombucha Cafe in Berlin & want to enjoy a cold one...

Of course, we are not the only ones that enjoy this particular Kombucha. It is a clear favorite of many people & we get a lot of compliments & great feedback.

Here's just one:

  Our Bärbucha Kombucha Classic is a part of our Classic line, which consists of 5 Kombucha & a Jun

And it is also available in 1 L bottles...

 The whole Classic line is available for deliveries to Cafes, Restaurants, Yoga Studios & stores throughout Berlin.


Ingredients: Filtered & Revitalized Water, Live Kombucha Cultures, BIO Unrefined Brown Sugar, Green & Black Tea


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