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When you make Kombucha, but Kombucha that is different than most of the commercially available products with the name of Kombucha attached to them, then you have to educate the public (in this case - your customer base) about your product & how it differs from most.

And that is the purpose of this blog. Especially that we have, give or take, 18 different types of Kombucha grouped in 3 different categories: the Classic Line, the Premium Line & the Special Line.

Our Kombucha is mostly tea-based Kombucha & mostly made out of a single origin tea. Mostly as our Classic line, with the exception of Morgenduft, is made with a mixture of green & black teas, or just green in the case of our Jun.

The non-tea based Kombucha is made with substances that are usually drank as tea, like Guayusa, Chaga or Hemp.

We are trying to keep our Kombucha as close to how it used to be for the last two hundred or so years. What does that mean?

It means that we do not filter our products, so you will occasionally find yeast particles inside. Sometimes you might even find a small SCOBY.

We also do not force-carbonate our Kombucha - so you will find varies levels of natural carbonation in different bottles.

And finally, we do not use fruits of juices to alter the original flavor of the tea, or tea-like substance that we have chosen to make our Kombucha out of.

The only added substances that you will find in 3 of our Kombucha are: Ginger (in Ginger Kombucha), Hibiscus flowers (in Hibiscus Kombucha) & fresh Lemon Grass (+ Ginger) in our Jun. The rest is very simple.

Since a lot of those teas or substances are not usually used by most people to make Kombucha, individual blog entries will describe them in more detail & also will explain why & sometimes how we use them.

Most of our Kombucha, with the exception of our Classic Line, is only available in our Kombucha Café in Berlin: Bärbucha – Kombucha Café & Fermenterei

Here, you can enjoy our Kombucha by the glass or in Kombucha Flights. Bärbucha is the first Kombucha Café in Europe. We still have the largest selection of Kombucha & are still the only place where you can get Kombucha Flights.

Since this is an updated first entry, you will find that some of the entries describe Kombucha that is no longer on our Menu. The posts are still interesting, as an inspiration for other Kombucha brewers. Each time we add a new Kombucha, we also create a blog entry to describe it.

So here is the current list of our Premium line Bärbucha Kombucha:

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