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Lapacho Bärbucha Kombucha

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What exactly is this Lapacho?

Let's start with terminology! Lapacho is a tea made from the inner bark of Pau d'Arco tree.

See pic below (1*)

"Pau d’arco is a tree with extremely hard wood. Its name is the Portuguese word for “bow stick,” an appropriate term considering the tree’s use by the native South American Indians for making hunting bows. The bark and wood are used to make medicine." (2*)

The tea itself is rich in essential vitamins & minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, boron, barium & iodine. The flavor is also very pleasant mild taste, a bit woodsy with hints of vanilla & almond.

So, because we love the flavor of this tea, then it was quite obvious that this tea would end up as yet another Kombucha in our collection.

And in order to get to this point

it's a journey that takes about two weeks.

We have to do go through all the following steps. So, we start with this beautiful "tea":

And our filtered & revitalized water...

When Lapacho is steeped we add some Yerba Mate. Yerba Mate plays an important function here, as it activates all the beneficial properties of Lapacho & the knowledge of doing comes from "centuries of experience in these matters by South American natives". (3*)

After adding some of our unrefined sugar, one of our lucky Scobies & some starter liquid, the whole mixture undergoes the first fermentation in one of our glass jars:

After this fermentation process is over, we bottle our Lapacho Kombucha.

Next, it still undergoes a second fermentation, in order to allow for the creation of all natural CO2, as we do not add any artificial CO2 like some brewers do. As you can notice, this Kombucha is quite bubbly already. That is the result of a good fermentation.

Finally , when it's all done we can enjoy this very tasty & unusual Kombucha in a glass:

As an extra bonus, when you visit our Kombucha Café in Berlin, you can check out the book about Lapacho, which is available in English & in German.

Ingredients: Filtered & Revitalized Water, Live Kombucha Cultures, Unrefined Brown Sugar, Lapacho & Yerba Mate


(1*) https://nutrawiki.org/pau_darco/

(2 & 3*) https://healthfree.com/herb_lapacho.html

To find out more about Lapacho, please click here: Lapacho

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