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Morgenduft Bärbucha Kombucha

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The second most popular Kombucha in our Classic Line series is the Morgenduft Kombucha.

The name comes from the particular tea that we use to make this Kombucha. The tea is called Morgenduft tea & it's a popular breakfast tea in hotels in Germany. The name means "the scent of the morning" & it's a green tea that is mixed with flower petals. Some of the flowers mixed in this particular blend are: corn flowers, rose & sunflower petals.

Because this particular Kombucha is very mild & also because the flowers give it nice floral notes, Morgenduft Bärbucha is quite popular among our customers, especially the first-time Kombucha drinkers. For that reason we call it a "beginner's Kombucha".

To make it, we steep the above mentioned Morgenduft tea in our filtered & revitalized water. Next we mix in our unrefined brown sugar & when it cools down, we add our healthy & happy cultures. After fermenting it for about a week, our Kombucha is ready for bottling.

Our cultures also love this tea & it shows with the new Scoby growth, which usually looks like this:

As with all of our Kombucha, Morgenduft is fermented in small series in 10 L glass containers.

So, here is our typical batch ready to be bottled.

And the bottling in action.

When the bottling is done, we manually put those black caps on to close the bottles.

Next, our Morgenduft undergoes the second fermentation (2F) to increase the natural CO2 formation in the bottles. Yes, we do not add any artificial CO2 to our Kombucha. What you get is all natural. And the carbonation is never excessive. Well, almost never because our Jun (Champagne of Kombucha) can get to that point after it sits for too long. But that's Jun.

The 2F can take from one day to even a week. It all depends on the temperature. But we know that it is carbonated enough, when we see those happy bubbles underneath those black caps. Next, our Kombucha is chilled to about 4 degrees C & it gets further conditioned for about a week. When that time is over, it is ready for retail.

Morgenduft is also available in 1 Liter bottles.

Ingredients: Filtered & Revitalized Water, Live Kombucha Cultures, Unrefined Brown Sugar & Morgenduft tea

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