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New Year, New Labels, New Booch!

Aktualisiert: Feb 13

Starting this year with a bang! As you can see, we have changed the labels:

And with that change, we have also said goodbye to the Black Orange Tea Bärbucha Kombucha. So now our Classic Line consists of 4 Kombucha & one Jun.

So this was a change that required some extra work, with the change over, but it was a much welcome change as with those labels we can eventually acquire a labeling machine, which was not possible with the labels that we had up till now.

Next, we are also parting with our Cascara Bärbucha Kombucha. This one have been with us for quite a while - about 2 & a half years. Our Hong Cha is also sold out. We are currently "ageing" a new batch that will be available around July.

From the new Kombucha, you can expect an Oolong one. Made with a Tieguanyin Oolong from Fujiyan Province in China. This one is actually in the making & will be available in about two weeks from now. Another one that will be coming a bit later, would be a Pu-erh Kombucha made with Pu-ehr Mini Tou Cha.

We are also waiting for custom made wooden boards, so that we can better serve the Kombucha flights. Once we have them, we will also include the Special line in those flights.

Right now, you can only get flights with our Classic & Premium lines.

This year we also expect to have full labels for our Special Line, which includes Chaga X, Jiaogulan, Schisandra, Ivan Chai & Lapacho. These labels will be black & gold.

Can't wait for those.

We will also concentrate on online sales, with bigger assortment for all things needed for Kombucha Home brewing & we'll try to offer our Kombucha through online store, too. But that only after we find adequate packaging, so that the Kombucha gets delivered still chilled.

That's all for now. We're looking for even more booching year this year!

Cheers to that!

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