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Lady Grey Bärbucha Kombucha

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Our latest addition & the replacement for Lung Ching (Dragon Well tea) Kombucha, is the Lady Grey Bärbucha.

A very catchy name for a tea, a tea that is delicious on its own, but even more delicious as a Kombucha. We fell in love with it from the very first sip & as a result, it became a part of our Classic Line Kombucha.

So let's start with the origin of the tea. It seams that almost everyone has heard of Earl Grey tea. It's probably one of the best known flavored teas - one made by mixing black tea with Bergamot essential oil. Earl Grey was created in England in the 1830s. Lady Grey on the other hand is quite a recent creation & according to the article by The Telegraph (1*) was only created in the 1990s by Twinnings Tea Company in effort to find a lighter version of the original Earl Grey. A version that would appeal to the Nordic market.

So this creation was made by using green tea & a smaller amount of Bergamot oil, than in the Earl Grey. With time few other variations were created.

The version that we are using to make our Kombucha, besides the Bergamot oil, has also Calendula flowers mixed in.

That makes a quite an impressive mixture. A very tasty one, especially after being transformed into our Kombucha.

Here's the steeping shot from the production process of Lady Grey Bärbucha Kombucha.

And here's a single batch (10L) just before bottling, with all the bottles ready to be filled.

Here's a shot from the fill up.

And when it's all done.

There's a question about using teas with essential oils for Kombucha production. As far as we go, we do not see any negative effects on our Scobies. But we use good quality teas with natural (Organic) essential oils. And this is not the only tea of this kind that we have used. Other examples of teas that we have used are: Black Orange tea & Earl Grey tea. Also with no noticeable side effects on our cultures. As you can see below:

And finally, one of our favorite "vintage" shots, when our Lady Grey was on special!

The Lady in Grey enjoying the Lady Grey Bärbucha Kombucha!

Lady Grey is also available in 1 L bottles.

Ingredients: Filtered & Revitalized Water, Live Kombucha Cultures, Unrefined Brown Sugar & Lady Grey Green Tea


(1*) https://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/retailandconsumer/8411595/Lady-Grey-tea-fact-file.html

To find out more about this tea's ingredients, please click below:

Green Tea, Bergamot Oil & Calendula

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