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Black Phoenix Bärbucha Kombucha

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Definitely a diamond in our Kombucha collection - a Kombucha made with a legendary Phoenix Mountain Oolong (a Dan Cong).

So let's explain the name and the terminology of this exceptional tea.

Teapedia states the following:

"Dan Cong (单枞) are special types of Oolong from Fenghuang shan (Phoenix mountains) in Guandong province, China. The Phoenix mountains are elevated from 350 - 1560 meters above sea level. Niaoji shan (1560m) is the highest mountain while in Wudong shan (1391m) the main Dancong production is located . Dancong literally translated means "single bush". This varieties are known to mimic different flavors."

Teassage describes this tea in the following way:

"Delicious Oolong Tea Da Wu Ye Phoenix Mountain Dan Cong Black Phoenix Oolong Tea (Da Wu Ye) comes from a single shrub (which is the meaning of the tea type called Dan Cong) and is hand rolled into a twisted shape. It is in dark black color, winning its name Black Phoenix as its original name Da Wu suggests. It has an intense tea flavor that is pleasant for its smell and taste. It is a Oolong classic with the authentic Kungfu tea culture. The tea has been hand processed to preserve its nutrients"

So as you can see, definitely an exceptional tea.

And an exceptional teas make an exceptional Kombucha.

And that's exactly the case with our Black Phoenix.

Here are some steps how we get to this point.

Good quality water and the right temperature are the crucial points.

Here's how this Oolong looks like after straining.

And here's the beautiful color of the tea broth.

Next come our unrefined Organic brown sugar.

It's the same sugar that we use in all of our products.

And then it's the time for fermentation. Glass is our vessel of choice for the ultimate flavor.

Small batch is the other choice for exactly the same reason.

While our Kombucha is fermenting, we get our bottles ready.

And when the fermentation time is up. It's time to see what's under the cover.

Beautiful Scoby growth and those lovely white bubbles. Always a great sign.

Next comes the bottling.

And after some finishing touches, this batch of Black Phoenix Dan Cong Kombucha is ready.

As you can see on the photo, this was not the only Kombucha that we were working on, on this particular day.

Small & individual batches mean that we make many varieties of Kombucha over and over.

After F2 and some additional conditioning, this Black Phoenix is ready for sipping.

Black Phoenix ages exceptionally well. We have had it even after 8 months, and it was better than the one after couple of weeks.

Fermentation brings out even more fruity notes from this wonderful Oolong.

Our tea dealer describes the tea as having "notes of passion fruit and papaya, turning into a light, flattering citrus taste"

Ingredients: Filtered & Revitalized Water, Live Kombucha Cultures, Unrefined Brown Sugar & Black Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong

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