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Our Kombucha Workshops! What to expect?

Aktualisiert: 23. Mai 2023

If you are interested in participating in one of the Kombucha Workshops, that are offered here in Berlin, but you are not 100% sure which one to choose, then maybe this blog entry will help you make up your mind.

Our Kombucha Workshops!
Our Kombucha Workshops!

Pictured: our very healthy Scobies!

- as you can see on the picture above, we make Kombucha professionally.

So we have a lot more experience than someone who just makes a couple of bottles for the upcoming workshop.

Our Kombucha has to be consistently good, and it is.

- we have a physical place in Berlin called Bärbucha – Kombucha Café & Fermenterei.

That means: you can always stop by after the workshop, if you have any problems.

- just because we make our Kombucha commercially, it does not mean that we are unfamiliar with how Kombucha is made at home.

As a matter of fact, our production process is quite similar as the one at home. We use glass jars for fermentation, we do not filter our Kombucha, nor do we force-carbonate it, like many commercial breweries do.

- you can always drop by to taste our Kombucha, if that would help you to make up your mind.

We have the largest selection in Berlin (actually in whole Germany, to be more precise)

- if you decide to drop by, you can decide on a bottle or two, or even better, you can pick one of our Kombucha Flights to sample even more Kombucha.

- in our Kombucha Café you'll be able to get all the needed supplies for your Kombucha home brewing. From glass jars, through bottles, different teas, a Kombucha Set, or even other items, like Jun Scoby.

- during our Workshop you will learn all the current terminology associated with Kombucha brewing and a bit of history. You will also learn the difference between different kinds of Kombucha that are currently on the market.

- you will have a better understanding how crucial good ingredients are for your home made Kombucha.

- in a live visual, you will see how to make a batch of Kombucha, as well as what to do with it, when the first fermentation process is over.

- you will be greeted with a glass of Kombucha and will sample some more during the workshop

- you will learn about the possible problems like molds, Kahm yeast and infestations.

- our workshop lasts 1.5 hrs and at the end of the workshop, you'll have a chance to ask some questions, if you have any.

- you will receive a full size culture to take home at the end of the workshop

- after the workshop, you'll have the opportunity to join our Facebook support group.

There, you'll be able to refresh what you have learnt by going through the picture albums with detailed descriptions. Also, you can use that forum to ask questions and to get correct answers.

- if you decide to stop by and ask some questions in person, you can still do that by visiting our Kombucha Café.

Hopefully, that helped you make up your mind.


An update!

Here's a brief summary of what takes place during our Kombucha Workshop:

- introduction to Kombucha (touching on both history and terminology)

- the difference between different kinds of Kombucha (medicinal, commercial,

boutique and home made)

- importance of ingredients when making Kombucha (water, tea, sugar, cultures) - variety of factors that can influence the brew

- a visual how to make Kombucha (we will make a 5L batch of a green tea

Kombucha) and what to do with the finished Kombucha

- explanation of possible problems during brewing

- questions from participants

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