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"...visiting Kombucha legends in Berlin".

Aktualisiert: 23. Mai 2023

This is a re-post from KBI's Facebook page.

"...visiting Kombucha legends in Berlin".
"...visiting Kombucha legends in Berlin".

KBI or Kombucha Brewers International is a non-profit trade association of commercial Kombucha brewers. In their post, we were honored to be called Kombucha legends.

In November, 2022 we were visited by Ian Griffin from Booch News, who is also an editor in chief for Symbiosis Magazine, which is the the Official Journal of Kombucha Brewers International.

Below is a re-post of Ian's impressions, with an additional comment by KBI.

"Ian Griffin of Booch News and #editorinchief of #SYMBIOSISMAG visiting Kombucha #legends in #Berlin." (KBI)

And here's what Ian wrote:

"A world-class Mecca for kombucha! The awesome Tadeusz & Elizabeth run Bärbucha Kombucha in Berlin-Schöneberg. All natural, unfiltered, living kombucha and countless fermented foods fill a small space that attracts kombucha aficionados from around the world.

A very memorable afternoon tasting some exceptional 'booch!' #kombucha"

To see more, please click here.

Booch News also posted a Profile article about our Kombucha Café - Café Bärbucha

In it, you will find even more impressions about us, including a podcast.

Just click on the logo below to visit that article..

Thank you so much KBI, and thank you Ian!

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