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Bärbucha Kombucha Specials (2024)

Aktualisiert: 7. Apr.

Single-tea Kombucha specials add quite a variety to our standard Kombuchas which we have all year round. These specials usually run for up to a month, but some of them can be available for only one week - all depends on the amount of tea that we have on hand.

Some of those specials are returning teas that I already wrote blog entries about. Some are returning seasonals, like Stinging Nettle. And the rest, new and exciting teas.

Since it would be a lot of blog posts to write (and to read), I will just highlight most of those specials by briefly describing the tea that each of those specials are made with.

And it will also be an ongoing post till the rest of this year.

The current Kombucha specials will be listed on top of this post (so just below this line).


April belongs to Stinging Nettle Kombucha. It's our yearly tradition and we've been making it for the last eight years. This Kombucha is always much awaited, and no surprise, as it is delicious and loaded with health benefits.

Two other specials for this month include the return of Longjing (Lung Ching), a yummy and fruity green tea Kombucha and also a return of a very special Mi Lan Xiang.

Mi Lan Xiang is a special Oolong (Dancong, or rock Oolong) which comes from Phoenix Mountains, Guandong China. It has an incredible natural honey-orchid fragrance and some strong fruity notes.

Super delicious as a Kombucha. No wonder, as the tea is of really high quality.


March started off with three wonderful specials. First, came the much awaited Kabusecha.

Although, it is a return as we had it before, but in a sense it's new as it is made with a Kabusecha no.2, so a different Kabusecha tea. But still from the same company (SHO CHA)

It is equally delicious as the first Kabusecha that we used last year. And no surprise, as it's also a high quality tea.

Milk Oolong also made a come back. This one has been requested by a few of our customers.

Finally, a really tasty and fruity Kombucha made from a Chinese Baicha (specifically Jing Xian Te Jian Baicha). A stunning looking green tea.

This one will probably come back some time in the future.

And the whole line-up.


There were no specials in January, as we were on vacation, but February brought us 3 different Kombucha specials.

First of - Honeybush - an always welcomed return of this very refreshing non-tea Kombucha with rose-hip notes and beautiful color.

Yuzu Black - a super yummy Kombucha made with a high quality Taiwanese tea (Spring 2023) from Sanxia, scented with Yuzu flowers.

And finally, Heaven Scent - a nice light Kombucha made with a green tea from Shri Lanka, with the same name.

Below are all three of those specials.


to be continued...


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