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Berlin's Boutique Kombucha

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Here's the current list of our Bärbucha Kombucha (2018).

It is grouped in 3 categories: Classic, Premium and Special.

Classic line is a line well suited for Kombucha beginners.

Premium section has Kombucha made with single teas. It also contains Kombucha made with Cascara (outer shells of a coffee bean) and Guayusa (a cousin of Yerba Mate).

There's also a Hong Cha Bärbucha Kombucha, which was made at the end of December and we are aging it for about 6 more months.

That is the reason that it not available till June 2018.

Hong Cha is a high quality Chinese tea that is considered to be a Red Tea.

The last category is called: Special.

And the Kombuchas here are also quite special.

They are all made with ingredients that have medicinal properties on their own.

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