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Ginseng Oolong Bärbucha Kombucha

Aktualisiert: 24. Aug. 2022

Ginseng Oolong (Lan Gui Ren / Ren Shen) is an amazing, and unusual tea, which originated in Taiwan.

It combines green Oolong tea and ginseng powder. They are both rolled together into small balls. Because of ginseng, this tea is a natural energy drink.

Here's another shot of this tea:

To find out more about this tea, we turned to the experts. And by experts we mean people who deal with tea a bit more than we do.


Yellow Mountain Tea House has written this about Ginseng Oolong:

"Ginseng Oolong tea is a fresh Oolong tea blending with the ginseng powder. Compress the ginseng powder on the Oolong tea. This tea is an exquisite combination of lightly oxidized green Oolong and revitalizing ginseng which is well proportioned and is stimulating to the body. This Oolong tea is a very good energy drink. The original Ginseng tea is from Taiwan, right now a lots people will use Oolong tea from mainland to blend it . The blend of Oolong and ginseng has a light aroma with a sweet flavor with a slight trace of bitterness. The ginseng Oolong tea is a premium fine Oolong tea powdered with ginseng roots. There is a combination of sweetness and bitterness it in aftertaste. In short one can say that this tea has a strong aroma with the crisp taste of Oolong with a refreshing ginseng aftertaste"

And also this, about Oolong in general.

"Health benefits of Oolong tea include the reduction of chronic health conditions such as heart disease, inflammatory disorders, and high cholesterol levels,high blood pressure,high blood sugar, while providing vital antioxidants, promoting superior bone structure, robust skin and good dental health. Oolong tea is fragrant with a fruity flavor and a pleasant aroma. Despite its caffeine content, it can still be extremely relaxing to drink.It is very good for detoxing, get rid of the toxins and fat out of the body. The health benefits of Oolong tea are basically doubled because of the combined qualities of black tea and green tea. According to the Tea Association of the United States, Oolong tea falls somewhere between green and black teas, as its leaves are only partially oxidized. There are numerous kinds of tea in this world; but Oolong tea might be one of the most beneficial. The origins of Oolong tea date back almost 400 years, when it found wide usage in China. It is a semi-green fermented tea, but the fermentation process is halted as soon as the tea leaves start to change their color."

In other words - a great combination of both. But what is even more important for us, this tea ferments into a very tasty Kombucha, and it has become quite popular among our customers.

During steeping time, those green little balls open up into full tea leaves.

And they look like this:

The tea has a nice golden color, and a sweet flavor.

And here it is, after it's fermented and bottled.

As you can see by the color of the label, Ginseng Oolong is a part of our Premium Line of Kombucha.

And an artsy shot!

Ingredients: Filtered and Revitalized Water, Live Kombucha Cultures, Unrefined Brown Sugar, and Ginseng Oolong

To find out more about Ginseng, please click here.

To buy our Ginseng Oolong Bärbucha Kombucha, please click here

Disclaimer: All medical information in this post is merely information & not advise. If you need medical advice, please consult your doctor or other appropriate medical professional.

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