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Jade Silk Bärbucha Kombucha

Aktualisiert: 4. Mai 2020

Another jewel in our collection is this Kombucha made with Jade Silk green tea.

It's a first grade Organic tea that is plucked in Spring & the origin of this very tasty tea is a tea plantation in Dongzhai, in Yunnan province in China.

Here's a bit more information about the place, where this tea comes from:

" The organic tea cultivation area is located at a height of about 1500 meters in the municipality of Zhengwan. The municipality includes the three villages of Dongzhai, Wanzhangshan and Maweishan, where additional ecological tea growing areas are developed. The development of the tea growing areas requires extensive capital investment, as an elaborate irrigation system for the tea cultivation in this hot region is necessary for the tea plants. With dammed rivers, huge water tanks and piping systems, a wide-ranging irrigation system was built, which supplies the tea growing areas with water.

In the vicinity of the Dongzhai tea garden (Dongzhai means village of the Dongs), there are no industrial companies that could cause a risk of contamination for the organic tea growing areas." (1*)

Anyway, this tea has two dominant notes: nectarines & passion fruit. Those two notes come out even more significantly after fermentation.

As you can see below, the leaves are very delicate & it brews into a nice light golden color.

Here's a close up of those leaves after steeping for our Kombucha.

So the process to make this Kombucha is just like any other one that we use to make any of our tasty Kombucha. Just four ingredients, with tea being the main star & the main flavor.

So tea, good water, unrefined brown sugar & one of our cultures.

When the fermentation process is over, it's bottling time.

As always, we make Jade Silk Kombucha in single 10L batches, pictured above is one of those batches.

Below are few production shots from our bottling.

Nice, natural carbonation, which is a sign of good fermentation.

Then comes a bit of conditioning. But that involves building up the natural CO2 levels & some more fridge storage, before you can enjoy this exceptional Kombucha.

Ingredients: Filtered & Revitalized Water, Live Kombucha Cultures, Unrefined Brown Sugar & Jade Silk Green Tea


(1*) https://www.fairbiotea.de/en/china/tea-gardens/dongzhai/dongzhai-farm-info.html

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