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Kombucha Set by Bärbucha / English

Aktualisiert: 11. Okt. 2023

Since there are more and more Kombucha Sets available out there, we have decided to compare our Kombucha Set, with some other Kombucha Sets that are currently available on the market.

This will hopefully steer you towards purchasing our Kombucha Set, as we think it is the best one that is available out there.

Below, you will find out why we think so!

Kombucha Set by Bärbucha / English
Kombucha Set by Bärbucha / English

One of the first differences that we have discovered, is the size of the main brewing jar, especially in reference to the overall price of the set.

Most of the other sets offer jars in sizes from 1.5 liter to about 4.2 liter.

We offer a 5 liter jar, which is currently the biggest size jar available in a Kombucha Set.

When you have a bigger jar, like our 5 liter one, you have room to make up to 4.5 liter of Kombucha, whereas when you are using a 1.5 or a 3 liter jar, you are limited by the amount of Kombucha that you can make.

Keep in mind that you can never make as much Kombucha, as the size of the jar. So, let's say if the jar is only 1.5 liter, you can only make about 1 liter in it (maybe 1.2 liter maximum).

Another thing to keep in mind: you can always make 3 liters of Kombucha in a 5 liter jar, but not the other way around.

Here's another aspect - for many people, especially those living alone, 2 or 3 liters of Kombucha might sound like a lot. But, if you make a delicious Kombucha, you will not even notice, when it's gone.

Also, it takes 6-7 days at minimum for the Kombucha to undergo the first fermentation (F1) and then at least one to a couple of days, for it to develop the natural carbonation (F2).

That brings you to at least a week and a half before you can enjoy your Kombucha.

Another thing to have in mind: Kombucha will taste a lot better when it sits in the refrigerator for a couple of days, after the second fermentation (F2).

We know that from our extensive experience, as we have aged some of our Kombucha on purpose, to make it taste better.

With the biggest jar (5L) comes also the biggest SCOBY (Kombucha culture). We know that for sure, as we always check what is being offered out there.

Bärbucha Kombucha Scoby

Our SCOBY is 13 centimeter in diameter and about 1.5 cm thick. If you compare it with other Scobies on the market, this one is almost a "monster".

Our Scoby comes with about 350 ml of starter liquid, which is specially formulated to be enough for this 5 liter jar.

If you were to use just a regular, fresh Kombucha as a starter liquid, you would need about 0.5 liter for this jar.

Keep that in mind for your next batch.

There are some other sets that do not offer Scoby (cellulose pancake), and they offer only starter liquid instead. People offering those sets, call it a "liquid SCOBY".

That works, too. It just takes a bit longer for the fermentation process to complete, as Kombucha will still have to build a brand new layer (new SCOBY) on top.

The same will happen when the Scoby is too small for the amount of liquid used.

It takes longer for fermentation process to complete.

Another aspect that some people take into consideration, is the BIO (Organic) certification.

That point is also pushed, as a selling point.

We used to be BIO certified for a few years, and we have decided that we really do not need this (expensive) certification.

There were many reasons, not only the financial aspect, why have decided not to extend our BIO certificate.

We make strictly tea based Kombucha, and we use high quality teas. Most of the high quality teas are not BIO certified, as they don't need to be, for them to sell.

As a matter of fact, most of the BIO certified teas are of lower quality, compared to the higher end teas. If you are a tea connoisseur, like we are, you will know what we are talking about.

Also, when some teas are not certified, it does not automatically mean that they have been sprayed with chemicals. Especially, when they come from small, single estates, where the tea farmers take pride in what they do. Think of it like a small vegetable garden in which you plant your vegetables. You don't need the Organic (BIO) certification, in order to know that your veggies are free of pesticides (provided, you don't use them)

We drink all of our Kombucha varieties ourselves and we would not use teas, which were sprayed with toxic substances.

Besides, in our 20 + varieties of Kombucha that we produce, we use both: BIO certified and non certified teas.

The same goes for the botanicals. Our Hemp is BIO certified and our Chaga is not, as it is wild- harvested in Siberia.

Inside our Set you will find two different teas. One of them is our Classic, which is a mixture of 4 different teas (two green and two black). The other one is our Morgenduft (which translates to: the "Scent of the Morning").

Morgenduft is a light green tea, mixed with different flower petals, and it is ideal for Kombucha beginners.

We make Kombucha with both of these teas, as can be seen on the pic above (Morgenduft is the 1st on the left and the Classic is the 2nd on the right).

Those teas work for us, and they will definitely work for you!

Next item included in the Set is the sugar.

We use unrefined BIO (Organic) brown sugar for all of our Kombucha, and this is the sugar that we recommend for home brewers.

There are two reasons why we recommend this sugar.

One, this particular sugar gives a certain layer of flavor complexity to the finished Kombucha. And two, keep in mind that Kombucha tastes the best when there's some residue sugar still left in it, after both fermentations (F1 and F2).

For that reason, it's better to use a sugar that has some trace minerals in it, instead of a fully refined one, that does not give you anything, as there's nothing left in it.

The next item in our Set, is the cloth that you will use to cover the jar.

The cloth also has to make sense. If the material is too thick, it will hinder the oxygen flow into the jar, creating condensation inside the jar, and it will hinder the fermentation process.

.If the cloth is too stiff, it will not adhere properly to the jar and you might end up with some unwanted guests (like flies) inside your jar.

If the cloth is like a cheese cloth, you will also end up with some insects ruining your brew.

We have been using a very nice jersey material for the last 5 years, and it works great for us.

And this is exactly what you will get with your set - two pieces of this jersey cloth, as seen below!

Here it is in use, covering our retail SCOBY jar!

The last item that is included in our set, is the "Kombucha Brewing Instructions" booklet.

It is actually an instructional pictorial, in which you will find the whole process of Kombucha making, step-by-step, picture-by-picture.

And here's the inside:

So, if you decide on choosing our Set, you will get all that for just 49 Euro!

We think that it's a steal, in comparison to other sets that can cost up to 60 Euros.

But wait. There's more!

When you buy this Set, and you still want to learn more about Kombucha brewing, then you can join our Facebook group called Kombucha & Jun in Europe

Our Kombucha group is quite different from many Kombucha groups on Facebook. In our group you will find more information about Kombucha (and Jun) brewing.

There, you will learn more about possible problems that you can encounter and what's more, if you have questions you will only get the correct answers to them (and not conflicting advises, as it quite often happens in other groups).

Our group moderator will make sure of that.

We have many years of experience in Kombucha brewing. But not the big scale, big tank commercial Kombucha brewing - our Kombucha is truly small batch, glass-brewed.

Almost, just like you would make it at home.

This way, we know the problems that people can encounter during home brewing. This way, it is easier for us to give advise, and to help with possible problems.

We hope that this is enough to help you make up your mind, and to decide on choosing our Kombucha Set!


2023 update!

The prices listed in the above blog relate to the year when this post was published (2021).

Due to the rising prices of glass products, we had to raise the prices of our sets.

For current prices, please check our online shop!


To buy our Set with English Instructions, please click below:

For our Set with German Instructions, please click below:


For those who do not have a chance of trying, or do not know how an authentic Kombucha should taste like, we have put together a second Set called Kombucha Set Plus.

When you opt for this Set, you will get the following two bottles of our Kombucha:

Each one of them is made with exactly the same teas that come with the Set.

This way, you can have a better idea of how your first Kombucha(s) should taste like.

To buy our Kombucha Set Plus, click on the button below:


To learn about our other Sets, please click below:

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