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Our Group on Facebook - "Kombucha & Jun in Europe"

Aktualisiert: 23. Aug. 2022

For those who still do not know, we have a support group on Facebook that is connected to our Bärbucha Kombucha Facebook account.

At the beginning it was "Kombucha & Jun in Germany" but since we have people that wanted to join this group from other European countries, as well as from other continents, we had changed to change the name.

As far as name goes, we're still in Europe, but we are reaching globally. The purpose of this group is NOT to have as many members as possible.

We are aiming at quality, not quantity.

So here's the description to this group:

"An exchange and support group linked to Bärbucha Kombucha in Berlin, Germany. Our group is a bit different from most of the Kombucha groups on Facebook. Here you will learn about all aspects of Kombucha brewing (we have picture tutorials) & we will try to give you the best advice to your problems, or questions. Our experience stems from many years of professional Kombucha brewing & from giving Kombucha workshops in two languages. In our group we also have an international panel of professional Kombucha brewers that can help you with your specific questions. This group is set up mainly for those, who attended one of our workshops, or at least have purchased one of our Kombucha Sets. If you're not one of them & you still want to join our group - it is very simple. Just answer the questions, like & follow our Bärbucha Kombucha Facebook page ( & we will happy to add you to our small, but growing group. ."

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